#Dungeon23 Dyson’s Delve II Progress Report 2

More than half-way into the first month of #Dungeon23. We’re already starting to see some people burning out on the project – especially among those who have taken on a lot more than the original project outline suggested.

1-6 Central Shaft
The centre of this chamber is a shaft around a 10 foot wide column of solid stone. The shaft goes down multiple levels. Stairs lead down from here to the next level below. A solitary screamer hangs on to the south side of this column watching for intruders. It has seen the toadfolk but has not started to scream yet because they have not proceeded any further than the entrance hall yet.

1-7 Split Gallery
Along the upper portion are ratty old tapestries of marching armies. A nest of cat-sized giant spiders is hidden behind the central tapestry in the souther set of three. The body of a very recently deceased toadfolk lies on the lower tier nearby.

1-8 Sally Door
The door here is long missing and the wall above it collapsed, but then much of the fallen rock has been cleared to allow entry here again. There is still a lot of debris here and entering quietly will be difficult, doubly so since both tower 5 & 9 watch over this entry.

1-9 Round Tower
d4+1 darklings are here, always alert for activity from the bandits tower. The ladder leads up to other darklings living above. They won’t attack those coming through 8 unless they’ve already been in conflict with them in the past or they look like the bandits.

1-10 Up to the Castle
Stairs lead up to the castle on the hill above. Southwest corner is barricaded with wrecked furniture and d6+2 morlocks are guarding this barricade against the bandits and darklings alike.

1-11 Bubbles
A 2′ diameter pearlescent sphere is in the middle of the room which slowly grows and releases a 4′ bubble every d2 turns. The bubble floats off in a random direction (roll d12 for direction, d6 for number of feet moved, reroll both dice each turn) and pops on contact with anything. If the bubble touches a creature (or a creature touches the sphere) the creature mus save vs paralysis or suffer 2d6 lightning damage and be paralyzed for 1d20 turns.

1-12 Skeletal Workshop
Skeletons of both a morlock from the south and a darkling from the tower are on the floor of this workshop, electrocuted by silent bubbles from 11. The outside of the east door is scratched with a big X to warn others not to enter. The workbench contains a number of intricate brass pieces of unknown purpose, but one is a wand-shaped piece of brass that gives advantage on saves against lightning and prevents the damage and paralysis from the bubbles for the wielder.

1-13 Looted Storage
Two darklings have just finished burning off a chunk of green slime here and are about to open the three (empty) chests on the west wall.

1-14 The Long Hall
Alcoves line this hall and a slight breeze moves down it from north to south. Three stone benches along the centre of the hall are bloodstained and the centre one has old bandages and a knife on it. A virtual demilitarized zone for the inhabitants, most wandering monsters along here will be darting from alcove to alcove to try to avoid being seen.

1-15 Dining Hall
Five 12 foot long tables with bench seating. Southernmost table is charred, as is the ceiling overhead. The south doors look partially dissolved.

1-16 Morlock Tomb
The rotted remains of several morlocks are piled upon the long-dead remains of others. Morlocks leave their dead here because on sunny days they can see a bit of light from outside via areas 4 & 7 from here, and they will not travel into the sunny parts of the delve.

1-17 Kitchens
Every wooden surface is discoloured with mould and rot. The base of the southern closet door is partially dissolved and horrible slurping noises within indicate the presence of a foul jelly or pudding of some kind.

1-18 Bathrooms
Both lead down to the Otyugh pit on level 2. 18a contains a significant mass of green slime over much of the ceiling. 18b looks to have a major plumbing issue, but this is actually a grey ooze.