A Duo of Cult Classic Netflix Horror Films Are Being Celebrated By Genre Fans

While Netflix is home to a smorgasbord of different TV shows and movies, its horror output is surprisingly respectable. From 2017’s filmic adaptation of Stephen King’s saucy novel Gerald’s Game to 2018’s raunchy doppelgänger thriller Cam, there are quite a few Netflix-funded horror pics that are absolutely worthy of your time. And if you’re on the lookout for more, we may have a duo that are pretty underrated. But don’t just take our word for it as, thanks to a Reddit thread that is making the rounds today, horror fans are celebrating a certain franchise: the Creep movies.

Creep 1 & 2 are the best movies I’ve seen in a while… from horror

That’s right, 2014’s Creep and 2017’s Creep II are the duo of films in question, and oh my — they’re absolutely excellent. Not only are they both phenomenally well-written and well-acted, but the entire concept is pretty damn ingenious. For those unaware, the movies are shot in an inventively clever found footage style and center on the exploits of Josef (portrayed by Mark Duplass), who hires a videographer named Aaron (Patrick Brice) to film a video diary of his final days (Josef has been diagnosed with a brain tumour).

Creep movie
Image Source: Netflix & Blumhouse Productions

What begins as darkly humorous and incredibly bizarre quickly turns even more, well… darkly humorous and incredibly bizarre. Not only does the script really zing – they’re both written by the two main actors from the first film – but the constantly twisting and turning psychological horror narrative will leave your head spinning. Let’s just say that Aaron gets a whole lot more than what he first bargained for!

Critically, both Creep films were a huge hit, as over on Rotten Tomatoes, the first pic holds a mighty 90 percent critical rating, while the follow-up managed to nab a – wait for it… 100 percent critical rating. Wowsers, no small feat indeed! In short, we highly recommend both Creep flicks and if you’ve not checked them out, we’d suggest fixing that sharpish. Oh, and there’s even talk of a potential threequel, which would be terrific news, but it’s still not set in stone yet. Fingers crossed we hear something more concrete soon, right?

Creep and Creep II are both streaming now on Netflix.