25 years of new vehicle sales in Australia: 1997-2022

For the data nerds out there, or those of you that just love to see how different brands have managed their sales in Australia for the last 25 years, we have put together a visualisation that will showcase two things.

Firstly, the year-by-year sales chart below will show you how some brands moved up and down the charts as the years went by. Have a look at Holden in particular as it disappears from the landscape.

These figures are not cumulative and are reflective of year-by-year sales, including passenger vehicles, SUVs, and both light and heavy commercial vehicles.

Press play below the graph:

Now, here is a cumulative graph of all total sales for the last 25 years. This data is missing certain brands (e.g. Tesla) that didn’t report their sales for a number of years as the recent data would be inaccurate as a total.

This graph also includes passenger vehicle, SUV, and light and heavy commercial vehicle sales.

Press play below the graph:

Did the graphs surprise you?