You Determine Your Own Values

Maybe this is what real freedom is… The freedom to dictate what your values are, and only pursuit values which you care for and to eschew values you don’t care for? 

The best asset gets you 1000x

300T into Bitcoin



Utility is the capacity of a thing to serve for the satisfaction of human needs,

Utility –> capacity for a thing to satisfy a human need

The physical man

Practical activity of men



What do you truly value?

Our wills, our habits

Imaginary value —

–> we think a thing will have a value for us, but in reality doesn’t?

Value only in the context of the minds of men 

Consciousness in mind of men

Objectification of the value of goods

–> this is subjective


Actual life


I Seek a Courageous Life, Not a “Productive” One


Subjective vs objective differences

Subjective vs objective factor

Set of magnitudes

Passing enjoyment or increase of comfort

Increase of our well being.

More or less complete satisfaction


Different satisfactions


directed to the fullest possible satisfaction of their needs (economizing).

The fullest possible satisfaction of our needs


Satisfy as completely as possible

Concrete needs

Command of units


Just buy what is cheap


Do you want 10 pounds of biscuits or 10 pounds of ribeye steak ?


We impute value into goods


High value


I hate dark and wet rooms

Value determination

You determine your own value ***

Grade of seed

…grade of semen

Labor and value