ASKA: Which Tools & Weapons to Get First

ASKA is a survival Video Game that includes all the major survival mechanics as any other survival video game but it also includes some colony-building mechanics that allow you to build your own tribe of villagers. Acquiring more villagers will provide you with assistance in all kinds of work. However, you start with nothing, and getting some earlier tools and weapons will help you progress toward getting villagers soon.

This guide will help you which tools and weapons should you get first when starting out in ASKA.

Which Tools and Weapons to Get First in ASKA

Essential Tools to Get Early in the Adventure

ASKA offers a wide variety of tools and weapons right from the start of the game which you can build from your inventory simply by pressing the B button. However, you should prioritize the essential tools first that will help you gather the essential resources quickly to start building your first settlement. The first two tools that you should craft are the Stone Axe and the Stone Pickaxe as they will allow you to cut the trees and mine the boulders to get sticks and stones respectively.

Crafting the Stone Axe and the Stone Pickaxe will require you the following materials.

  • Stone Axe
    • 1x Stone Blade, 1x Stick, 1x Rope
  • Stone Pickaxe
    • 1x Stick, 2x Stone Blade, 1x Rope

NOTE: Rope is crafted by 2x Fiber. You can get Fiber by harvesting the Flax Plants or eliminating flying sticks-like enemies on the shore. Stone Blade is crafted by 2x Small Stones.

After gathering a handsome number of materials throughout the land, you need to find a suitable place for your settlement. Once you have found the place, the next set of tools that you should get are the Wooden Hoe and the Wooden Hammer. The Wooden Hoe will allow you to level the ground which is basically the first step of building any structure in ASKA. The Wooden Hammer will allow you to construct the structures once you have provided all of the required materials.

  • Wooden Hoe
    • 2x Stone Blade, 4x Stick
  • Wooden Hammer
    • 2x Stick

Apart from these tools, make a Simple Torch as well for late-night adventures around the island. Crafting a simple torch will require 1x Stick, 4x Rope, 1x Resin.

Essential Weapons to Get Early in the Adventure

Similar to the most of the survival games, you can use the axe and pickaxe tools as a weapon in ASKA that will allow you to deal a significant amount of damage to the threat. However, there are some weapons that will allow you to deal more damage and even stun enemies quickly.

  • Stone Knife
    • 2x Rope, 1x Stone Blade
  • Flimsy Club
    • 3x Stick, 5x Feather
  • Flimsy Shortbow
    • 2x Stick, 1x Rope

For the Shortbow, you can craft 10 Wood Arrows with 3x Stick and 5x Feather. Flimsy Club and the shortbow will allow you to deal with nearby threats easily as well as hunt the animals for meat. Moreover, the Stone Knife is used for butchering dead animals and fish so, it is one of the essential tools as well that you will be needing throughout the journey.

NOTE: All the tools and the weapons in ASKA have a durability limit which will decrease gradually as you use them. Keep an eye on the durability bar for the tools and the weapons to re-make them when necessary.

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