Money is Control?

Real All of the crypto litigation and legislation

One does not “own” any money?

Superficial concerns, real concerns?

Toxic information, toxic people?

The rabble rousers 


Things needful or useful or beneficial to himself

Direct exchange

His own economic interests

Convention, political convention, societal convention?

Disrupt social conventions; for example, I think the only reason people think it is a good idea to buy a house or a home is because it is a social convention and meme?

Extension of traffic in space; now with Internet and cyberspace it is infinite?

Economic success

Gelten, to pay, to perform

Organic growth

Organically high saleability or saleableness

Convert his exchangeable goods into money

Having money is the most advantageous? Not goods?

Stock of money


Money as a time opportunity thing?

Lever Up!


The reason why gold was good money was because it was easy to weigh and standardized

Unlimited durability of gold

Economic prices

Intelligent bargainers

Homogeneity and fungibleness

Money is social not sovereign

State recognition and state regulation



why economics is so fascinating to me