Media of exchange

What is most “useful” to you?

Metal disks,,, “mysterious”?



Disquisition — to seek

Little discs or documents

Convention and authority?

Theory of money?

Science is here to solve; bitcoin is science? 

Media of exchange

Toy or tool?

You cannot ignore it; nobody regardless of how hard they try, can ignore cyber truck?

The progress of Traffic

unlimited salableness of money

Things which are insanely easy to sell

What is so great and wonderful about bitcoin is that you could easily transfer it, store it, it doesn’t lose value increases value, you can exchange it for field currency, or even use your Coinbase Visa debit card to transact with it if you want!

$1M home or $1M in Bitcoin?

Of course the bitcoin; the bitcoin is an appreciating asset,  the home is adeflationary asset.

Bitcoin vs Property Homes

Typically when you think about “property”, pretend to think about real estate, like owning a plot of land, a single-family home, etc.

For example, that is say that I could buy a nice parcel of land in Culver City for $1 million. I could purchase the property for $1 million, but then, I have to tear down the old house on it, to build a new house. Building a new home might cost $300,000 USD.

Then let us consider that once the home is done, I will have to pay property taxes, forever. Whatever the number may be, I had to pay it into infinity and beyond.

Let us say that value increases. That plot of land worth $1 million is now worth $2 million. But, that does not take an account of the fact that I have to maintain the home and property, fix things, maintained, upkeep bit, fix things, repair things, Landscape things pay for somebody to mow my lawn and do landscaping, and also property taxes.

Why are property taxes such a big deal?

Certainly property taxes are critical for any city to function. But the issue of property taxes, especially as an individual, is that in theory, that property tax is money that will forever be sucked from you, even though it is good good for society and good for things.

For example, I’m all about for paying for a good public schools, parks, recreation etc.

Disposing of things is more difficult than obtaining it?


Why does this matter

Economist and philosophers talk about the science or the methodology or the technique behind things, very rarely the why behind things. 

Also, a critical issue in artificial intelligence google ChatGPT etc. is that it has to deal with explaining things, rather than the why behind things. 

For example, the reason why ChatGPT, artificial intelligence could never become a philosopher is that it does not posit new “why’s”?