The Best “Business” to Invest in is Bitcoin

If you think about capitalists, what is it that the capitalist seeks? Gains. Preferably no downsides, no losses.

If that is the case, bitcoin should be the capitalist’s wet dream. Why? Historic returns about 50%, year over year, and if you think about it, a very obvious, non-risky investment idea.


Some logical things:

1. Volatility vs risky

First, bitcoin is very volatile, which means that the price goes up and down a lot, in the force of a few days, weeks, months, even on the year level. But if you zoom out long enough, you’ll see that bitcoin is a very non-risky choice.

The real capitalist think on a 10, 20, 30 year, maybe even 40 year trend. It seems that the way that the most of capitalism works is true borrowing money, interest, the hope of future gains, wealth and accumulation, building stuff, investing and stuff, optimism for the future.

For example, as much flack as capitalism gets, it is inherently optimistic. Why? If I borrow $500 million to buy a bunch of buildings on the third street promenade in Santa Monica, which is currently a dump, then inherited this is my optimism that I see a much brighter, sunnier, more glorious future for Santa Monica.

If you think about investing in the stock market, it is all centered around gains. Even apparently a very interesting observation about ChatGPT is that apparently it gets activated whenever there is a mention about gains, or increases, especially when it comes to the market.

For example, if capitalism wasn’t optimistic, then there would be no reason why banks would lend individuals money to buy a home, with a 30 year loan, or a 40 year loan. Why? Inherited this, bankers are hopeful and optimistic and faithful that the borrower, The young family person will continue to pay his or her mortgage, for the next 30 years without end. 

2. Great things take time

If you think about all the great inventions and innovations, they all took a while.

For example, the Internet. The Internet and bitcoin might be the two best things which happened to me in my lifetime; the first, the internet. My mom often tells me how blessed I am that I was born when I was, because if it was not for the Internet, for websites and blogging, no way in hell could I have made it, world famous, the street photographer. Also, as much as I like to critique social media, I am very grateful to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, for giving me the initial boost in becoming world famous. 

If I think about my early photos in my earliest street photography and now, I can see a market difference. In fact, I hate looking at my old photos and my early photos because I like who I am now, not who I was.

3. Evolution

The internet and DARPANET — no. US military, no Internet.

The early days of the Internet was from DARPA — apparently some sort of internal military messaging tool, which interlinked computers.  I remember when I was 12, my teenage years, 18, 21, in college, in my early 20s, and now would meet so many people who had told me about early computing and using punchcards. I suppose I am lucky enough that when I was an elementary school student, I actually learned how to use MSDOS, using the change directory “cd” to access some of the early MSU games, like Oregon Trail etc. I also recalled this one early game in which I was like some sort of God, building some sort of land. Kind of like an early SimCity or something. 

I do not know any rational human being who does not believe the Internet to be a good thing. The Internet has probably spread a quadrillion times more wealth prosperity and goodness for the entire human race, regardless of nationality or space.

Even for myself, I think about the democratizing effect of the Internet; growing up poor, first generation in America, if I did not have the Internet, which was disruptive; no need for silly “credentials“. For example when I started to make it really big as a world famous street photographer, people try to discredit me by saying that I didn’t go to art school, the tar school, or have any of these fake ass credentials.

In fact, the whole notion of credentials is broken. It seems that any institution or company or school which gives credentials is some sort uploaded, money printing monopoly, which is essentially a parasite, and a human centipede; the snake which eat its own tail.

For example personal trainers, why do you need a fake ass accreditation to be a personal trainer, in which 99.99%, or maybe all the personal training theory is false? Because somebody has to make money.

If you gave people the via negativa advice which is insanely simple and straight forward:

Fast. Stop eating breakfast and lunch. Only eat dinner. Quit alcohol, marijuana, starches, bread rice potatoes, etc. Stop drinking anything sweet, whether real or fake . Quit sugar which is toxic.  

No fake nutritionist could make a profit, by taking out and fake charts on “burning calories“ (one does not “burn” a calorie”, or other fake pseudo science about fiber, a “balanced” diet etc — which is all essentially lobbying from the Coca-Cola corporation, to continue paddling their diabetes infused sugary water.

4. Reality is cruel and beautiful

I get confused by all these people who want the world to just be warm and fuzzy, no hard feelings, a reality which has 0 ounces of cruelty.

Reality is real. For example, no matter what your religion flossy or worldview, if I place 10,000 pounds on your shoulders, you will probably either get crushed or die. Doesn’t matter how much steroids you are injecting your eyeballs with. Gravity doesn’t care about your opinions.

I think something that people do not understand is that without cruelty, there cannot be any beauty and light. Also, without any tragedy, no joy.

This is also the funny irony; I’ve discovered that most people who are overly sensitive, are ironically the ones who have not really experienced any deep tragedy in their lives. It seems that actually the most joyful and happy people are the ones who have experienced some sort of deeply troubling downside to life, and through one way or another, Overcame it, and grew as a result of it.

5. Dionysian?

To me the only interesting artist alive is probably Kanye West. Why? His never-ending evolution, and they’re probably is not any human being who is alive, and still producing who has not gone through the personal tragedies he has: losing his mom, losing his wife and kids, Losing his wealth, etc. Even with his new irreverent “CARNIVAL” song — he’s still in the game!

It seems that everyone else doesn’t really speak their mind, or is hinting at some sort of cowardice, or giving fellatio to money. For example Jay Z; I think he might be one of the most genius lyricist of all time, but ultimately he loves money more than he loves lyricism.

Or Kendrick Lamar, I also love Kendrick Lamar to death, another born genius. But the reality is there is something wanting because everyone universally likes him. Anyone who is universally liked– be cautious.