Bitcoin Economics

Clarify or obfuscate things? 

Purchase things at a discount

Wholesale versus retail prices

The difficulty of disposing things

“Objective equivalent in goods”

Mutually converted at will

“General saleability of wares”

The purchasing price, the selling price

“Get rid of goods”

Desirable or non-desirable things?

The funny thing with cars; we desire it before we have it, and then we heard to buy it. But, after that certain point… It no longer becomes desirable?

Maybe the only thing right now is cyber truck, because it is impossible to get one. But once it becomes easy to get one, it will no longer be desirable?


Economic Science

Economic prices

Bitcoin as commodity, digital commodity that people want

It is volatile because people want it

Purchasing power

The divisibility of the commodity; the genius of bitcoin is that it is divisible up until a Satoshi? 

Spatial and temporal limits

With bitcoin, there is no spatial nor temporal limits?

the time-limits to the saleability of certain commodities