Animal Well: How to Defeat the Ghost Dog Boss – Best Route to M. Disc Shrine

The Ghost Dog is one of the main bosses in Animal Well that players will encounter pretty early in the game. However, dealing with it will require you to first gather some of the essential tools. Without the tools and the knowledge of Dog’s quadrant, this boss can give you a pretty hard time.

This guide will walk you through how to defeat the Ghost Boss in Animal Well.

How to Defeat the Ghost Dog Boss in Animal Well

The Ghost Dog boss is probably the scariest and most annoying boss in Animal Well as it will chase you non-stop wherever you go. It will appear as soon as you pick up the Disc from the Dog’s Shrine at the start of the Dog’s quadrant on the top-left side of the map. However, you can make the ghost dog disappear by placing back the Disc or replacing the shrine with a Mock Disc, but this doesn’t defeat it.

Now, to defeat the Ghost Dog, you will have to bring the Mock Disc to the Mock Disc Shrine. As Mock Disc is used for getting the Disc, you will have to once again pick up the Mock Disc from the Dog’s Shrine and deliver it to the Mock Disc Shrine. Throughout this whole scenario, the Ghost Dog will be chasing you, and getting to the shrine will require the following tools so make sure that you have them at your disposal.

  • Animal Flute
  • B. Wand
  • Slink

Best Route to M. Disc Shrine in Animal Well

Once you have all of the required tools, go to Dog’s Shrine and pick up the Mock Disc to start the encounter with the Ghost Dog. Follow through these simple steps mentioned below to get to the M. Disc Shrine.

  • Upon picking up the Mock Disc, equip the Animal Flute and play the Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Down, Up, and Up tones to teleport to the Fast Travel Hub area.
  • Go through the animal’s mouth on the top left corner of the area, and directly to the right side after dropping down.
  • Place the Slink on the first step beside the Green Switch and stand on the block ahead. As soon as the slink hits the switch, the block will rise and you need to jump ahead on the next block. The blocks going up will automatically press the switch for the next block to raise so, keep on jumping ahead to reach the other side.
  • Upon reaching the next room, go to the middle platform and use the B. Wand to jump on the higher platform and then go up the steps on the top-left side.
  • Once you reach the room above, continue going up from the platforms and then to the right side while picking a firecracker along the way.
  • In the next room, drop down to the switch and interact with it to open a path ahead to get to the next room.
  • Once there, equip the firecracker, go to the end of the platform, and throw the firecracker at the start of the room to divert the attention of the dog. While the dog is distracted, drop to the lower platform and press the middle switch to drop down on the switch.
  • Interact with the switch to open the path in the room above and a platform beneath the ladder.
  • Go up the ladder and go to the right side to reach the Mock Disc Shrine.

Once you are at the Mock Disc Shrine, interact with it to place the Mock Disc in it and it will lift the curse of the Ghost Dog.

Get the P. Flame from the Next Room

Defeating the Ghost Dog by placing the Mock Disc at the Mock Disc Shrine will open the room on the right side. Go through the unlocked door to reach a room with a P. Flame in it. Use the Disc to break the glass and get the P. Flame. The P. Flame can be placed at the Dog’s Statue located in the main Animal Hub area.

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