Indika Review: An Odd Yet Satisfying Adventure

Indika is a third-person Adventure and Puzzle Video game developed by Odd Meter and published by 11 Bit Studios. It is a single-player story mode game that drives players through the self-story of a young nun named Indika. The narrative of the game is quite unique yet can be disturbing for some players as there is a bit of heavy nudity and sexual themes, but as it is a part of the story, it comes to a great conclusion and leaves players satisfied.


The story of Indika takes place in Russia in the 19th century where a young nun named Indika gets to suffer various visions and hears mysterious noises. Due to such circumstances, she begins to doubt whether she decided to become a nun or was forced to become a nun, starting the adventure of self-discovery in which Indika gets to find out more about her past.

Furthermore, Indika is also accompanied by an escaped convict in the village who happens to listen to the mysterious voices as well. Indika and Ilya both go on this unusual adventure to learn more about themselves.


As Indika is a story-mode video game, there aren’t many variations to its core gameplay. Most of the time, it will feel like a walking simulator relative to many other great story-mode games but there are major core features of puzzle-solving and experiencing 2D-pixel art-style mini games. Progressing through the main storyline will require you to solve puzzles throughout the game.

These puzzles can both be environmental and spiritual. For the environmental puzzles, you will be moving boxes, ladders, and other objects that can also be placed elsewhere for better navigation. For the spiritual puzzles, you will have to pray as Indika to bring imaginary things to reality. The game will prompt the prayer button whenever there is a fictional item nearby that can be brought to reality.

Uncovering the past of Indika plays a crucial role in developing the character of Indika and this is where the 2D pixel art-style mini-games feature comes into play. Throughout the adventure, players will be put in a flashback where they will get to complete a mini-game that portrays a deeper meaning than just a regular platforming mini-game.

In addition to the main core features of the game, you will earn useless points as you progress through the game. The reason why we say the points are useless is because they are and the game itself will say it.

Sound and Visuals

Indika’s audio and visual designs are very impressive, especially for an Indie studio to create such immersive elements that enhance the game’s overall experience. The voice acting for both the original and English versions of the game is brilliant and the emotions shown on the characters’ faces also keep the players engaged.

Verdict – Score 9/10

Indika is indeed an excellent story-mode game and it delivers a satisfying story with both its build-up and conclusion. However, we can confidently say that this isn’t for everyone due to its several mature themes, but it does put you on a satisfying adventure roller coaster. If you are someone who enjoys story mode games of any kind or looking to immerse in a unique adventure, we recommend you try out Indika.

Indika is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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