V Rising: How to Get Shadow Weave

Shadow Weave is one of the essential resources in the game that is mainly required for crafting the most powerful Armor sets. Players in the end-game that need to gain the highest Gear Level will mainly need to acquire the Shadow Weave to craft the best armor sets that will help them both in taking down the end-game foes and other real players in PVP servers.

This guide will help you how to get Shadow Weave in V Rising.

How to Get Shadow Weave in V Rising

The Shadow Weave is one of the refined resources in V Rising that players can get by crafting at the Advanced Loom using the required resources. However, before players get to craft it, they will first have to unlock its recipe by defeating a newly added V Blood boss named General Valencia the Depraved. She is a Level 83 V Blood boss who can be found at the North Fortress Ruins in the Ruins of Mortium region.

Firstly, players will have to defeat Matka the Curse Weaver V Blood boss to unlock the recipe for crafting the Advanced Loom, a mandatory station for crafting the Shadow Weave. So, build and place the Advanced Loom station with the following resources.

  • 8x Reinforced Plank
  • 4x Silk

After building the Advanced Loom, you will need the following resources to craft a Shadow Weave.

  • 3x Ghost Yarn
  • 3x Silk

You can easily get the Ghost Yarn inside the chests in the Ancient Village location in the Cursed Forest region. For the Silk, you will have to craft it on your own at the Loom using the required resources.

After getting all the required resources, add them to the Advanced Loom and select the Shadow Weave recipe to start crafting it. Crafting one Shadow Weave in the Advanced Loom will take about a minute.

As Shadow Weave is required for various armor sets, make sure that you get a large amount of the required resources to craft a lot of Shadow Weave.

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