Kite Beach Dubai: A Must Visit Spot

Dubai is a stunning city that is also very versatile and easily accessible. Dubai has something for everyone- be it a shopping therapy or a relaxing holiday. Dubai also features prominent beaches, one of which being Kite Beach, which is located in the Jumeirah Beach Residence area. Remarkable views of the Arabian Gulf and an abundance of activities, such as kiteboarding, swimming and sunset viewing, make Kite Beach one of the greatest in the world. This is the reason one must include Kite Beach in your Dubai itinerary.

Dubai’s Kite Beach: An Overview

  • Best Time to Go: November through February, when the temperature is cooler and kitesurfing is at its best.
  • Activities include paddleboarding, kayaking, beach tennis, volleyball, kitesurfing, and a water park.
  • Dining and Events: Family-friendly activities, cultural events, and a variety of local and foreign cuisine alternatives.
  • Facilities include lifeguards, first aid services, equipment rentals, free Wi-Fi, and clean facilities.
  • Restaurants: The Salt is a casual eatery, whereas Zuma and Nobu are upscale establishments.
  • Accommodations: Vary in price from luxurious (like the Jumeirah Beach Hotel) to reasonably priced places in Al Barsha and Dubai Marina.


Not only is Kite Beach conveniently located, but it’s also easily reachable from anyplace in the United Arab Emirates. The beach is conveniently accessible by cars or public transportation because it is situated in Jumeirah on Dubai’s Gulf coast. Parking is readily available in the parking area which makes it easy for visitors, and there are lots of signs directing people to walk to the beach. The nearest metro station, Noor Bank, is 5 kilometers away if you’re using public transportation. to get there, take a bus or hail a cab.

When To Visit Kite beach?

The best time to visit Dubai with your family or friends is usually between November and February since they are the cooler months and the temperature is usually around 25 degrees celsius. This is also when kitesurfing conditions are at their best, with strong winds and sound waves in the ocean, perfect to ride and have your fun in this season. But this is also the busiest season in Dubai so if you are looking for a relaxed trip with less crowded beaches you can come during the summer too, either ways going to the Kite beach is always a good idea!

Activities at Kite Beach Dubai

There is a lot that you can do on this beach with the most exciting activities available there. The beach is most famous for Kitesurfing, with individuals coming to the beach to take advantage on the ideal wind conditions that cater to both beginner beginners and expert surfers. There are also well-known beach tennis and volleyball facilities here, where families and groups of friends may enjoy some friendly rivalry on the smooth sand. Visitors seeking a more peaceful experience may choose to go kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding, which involve enjoying the sea at its best in the breathtaking views of Dubai’s cityscape.

At Kite Beach, there is a pool and also a water park that is an ideal place to cool down while having fun in the sun. There are so many rides and water slides available that it can make your day filled with some fun and thrill. The neighboring water parks, such as Splash N Party Waterpark and Aqua Parks Leisure, are also lovely extras to brighten your kids’ life.

Food Trucks And Events

The beach isn’t just about physical activities; it’s also a place for calmness and cultural experiences. Food trucks and cafes provide a culinary journey with local and international flavors from all around the world, perfect for ending a beautiful day by the beach. Throughout the year, Kite Beach hosts various cultural events and fun night activities by the sand, making it a happening and a fun place to be during your visit to Dubai. One very good thing for tourists is that this beach is also very family-friendly which makes it easy for families to bring their children there since they also have a play area dedicated for them.

Facilities Available on The Beach

Kite Beach offers superior facilities to provide the most pleasant visit possible. On board the beach, there are good changing rooms, clean and well-maintained showers, and public bathrooms. Additionally, it provides access to free Wi-Fi so that travelers can have a great time and instantly share their experiences.

For active visitors, there are equipment shops offering everything from paddleboards to kitesurfing gear on rent, making sure you have all that you need for your kitesurf adventures. The presence of lifeguards and first aid services throughout the beach area provides a sense of safety and security, allowing families and individuals to enjoy their day with peace of mind.

Restaurants On Kite Beach Dubai

Food is a priority especially when you are on the beach and the Kite beach has some of the best restaurants from Zuma, Nobu, and The Ritz-Carlton if you are looking for world class dining options to even more casual dining options like The Salt where you can enjoy fresh mini burgers and stunning views of the Arabian Gulf in a budget. So whether you want a casual meal by the sea or you want a five star restaurant, this beach has it all.

Hotels Near Kite Beach Dubai

Kite beach Dubai is one of the best places in the city because of all the right reasons and because of its popularity it draws a lot of attention. Many properties near the Kite beach offer amazing views of this beautiful beach. The area surrounding Kite Beach provides a convenient and comfortable accommodation for tourists wishing to enjoy the beach’s activities and Dubai’s attractions, with everything from luxury resort options to hotels that are affordable. Here are some stay options that enhance accessibility to Kite Beach:

  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel & Four Seasons ResortThis is for those who want all things luxury and also just a few miles away from the beach which makes the beach access more easy.
  • Dubai Marina-Another great place to stay which is also extremely close to the Kite beach and has many hotels that you can check that are best suite for your tourist visit. Rove Dubai Marina is a great option in this vicinity.
  • Al Barsha- This is a residential area that have extremely budget friendly hotels that is also close to the Kite beach. Perfect for those who want value for their money.

There is an option for everyone according to their personal preferences that you can choose from the wide range of options available which makes the Kite Beach a must visit on your trip to Dubai. No matter what season you go in you’re sure to have some fun in the sun!


  1. Do I need to bring my own equipment for water sports at Kite Beach?

While personal equipment is welcome, Kite Beach offers rental services for a variety of water sports gear, including kitesurfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking, making it convenient for visitors without their own gear.

  1. Is Kite Beach family-friendly?

Absolutely! Kite Beach is designed to be family-friendly, with dedicated play areas for children, safe swimming zones, and a range of activities suitable for all ages.

  1. Can I find dining options at Kite Beach?

Absolutely! Kite Beach caters to a wide range of culinary tastes with its assortment of food trucks and cafes, serving both local and international cuisine. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual meal by the sea or a more sophisticated dining experience, Kite Beach has you covered. World-class restaurants like Zuma, Nobu, and The Ritz-Carlton offer exquisite dining options, while more casual venues like The Salt provide fresh mini burgers and stunning views of the Arabian Gulf, suitable for those on a budget.

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