Everything You Need To Know About NEOM City Project, Saudi Arabia

Neom City Project is today’s most significant and contentious architectural project.

Welcome to NEOM – a bold and visionary project that aims to create a futuristic metropolis unlike any other on Earth.

So, If you want to learn more about the Saudi mega-project Neom and its implications, this article has all the necessary information. You’re going to meet the future.

Quick Overview Of The NEOM City Project, Saudi Vision

  • What Is The NEOM Project?
  • All the Details About Neom: Oxagon, Trojena, Sindalah, and The Line—are part of 10 projects included in NEOM.
  • When will Neom be built?
  • Architectural Firms in Charge of Neon’s Design

What Is The NEOM City Project?

What Is The NEOM City Project?

Neom, an essential part of a country set aside for development, is a project of Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Although sometimes referred to as a “smart city,” Neom is better defined as a territory that will house many cities, resorts, and other developments.

The Public Investment Fund, which makes investments on behalf of the Saudi Arabian government, provides the project with the majority of its funding. Claiming that the fund provides $500 billion to the project, Neom is a Saudi development company established by CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr.

Furthermore, It is part of the Saudi Vision 2030 plans, which aim to diversify the nation’s economy and reduce its dependence on oil.

Where is Neom? Neom is located in northwest Saudi Arabia and covers an area of around 10,200 square miles (26,500 square km). The Gulf of Aqaba to the west and the Red Sea to the south surround the region.

All the Details About Neom

All the Details About Neom

As to the developer’s statement, Neom will consist of ten projects, which they have named regions. Four of the regions have had their details released thus far. These are Oxagon, Trojena, Sindalah, and The Line—the most famous of them all.

  • The Line: A revolutionary urban development concept that reimagines city living as a linear urban space, free from cars and roads, where residents can live, work, and play close to nature. Nine million people are expected to live in the 170-kilometer-long linear metropolis known as The Line. Through the Neom area, it will stretch from east to west. According to the developer, the city will make up two parallel, 500-meter-tall linear buildings spaced 200 meters apart. A mirror-clad façade will adorn the structures.
  • Oxagon: Oxagon, as planned, is set to be a groundbreaking octagon-shaped port city situated on the Red Sea coast at the southernmost tip of the NEOM region. However, the port and logistics center will be the “world’s largest floating structure,” according to Neom’s developer.
  • Trojena: Trojena is a captivating project within the NEOM region, envisioned as a premier ski resort nestled amidst the scenic Sarwat Mountains in the north. This 60-square-kilometer skiing and outdoor activity resort will also host the Asian Winter Games 2029 and offer year-round skiing.
  • Sindalah: Sindalah emerges as a captivating addition to the visionary NEOM project, conceived as an island resort nestled within the azure waters of the Red Sea. The 840,000-square-meter island, which is geared toward the yachting community, will feature multiple hotels and an 86-berth marina.

Sarah, a local girl, says, “NEOM is an exciting and ambitious initiative with the potential to encourage innovation, economic diversification, and technological advances in Saudi Arabia and the surrounding region. Diverse industries have shown interest in and support for the emphasis on cutting-edge technologies, sustainability, and improvements to the quality of life.”

When will Neom be built?

When will Neom be built?
Photo Credit: Snow Brains

Like many large-scale projects, the construction and development of NEOM are expected to occur over several phases spanning multiple years. Neom has set ambitious timelines to finish most of the project by 2030. However, Neom recently produced a video that included glimpses of work on the site, and drone footage of The Line’s preparations was made public last year.

The first luxury island to be finished is Sindalah, where Neom’s developer intends to host its first tourists in early 2024. Next is Oxagon, a port city. Its first residents are projected to move in by 2024, while its onshore construction will be completed by 2030.

According to its developer, the principal component of Neom, the Line, will be released between now and 2045. By 2030, the aim is to have one million residents in The Line. These timings have raised doubts in the minds of some observers. Furthermore, the developer states that Neom currently employs 2,400 people.

Architectural Firms in Charge of Neon’s Design

Architectural Firms in Charge of Neon's Design
Photo Credit: Arab News

NEOM’s ambitious development plans have attracted the attention of several renowned architectural firms, each contributing their expertise to shape the vision of this futuristic city.

Aecom is a US studio that is a partner on the Neom website. Trojena ski resort is being designed by US firm Aedas, German studio LAVA, Australian company Bureau Proberts, Dutch practice UNStudio, and UK company Zaha Hadid Architects, according to the Neom developer. The Sindalah resort was developed by the Italian superyacht and architecture firm Luca Dini Design and Architecture. These architectural firms and others have been instrumental in shaping NEOM’s ambitious vision of a futuristic and sustainable city.

Additionally, even if some people are concerned about how this project will affect the environment, it will undoubtedly impact how the globe develops in the future, making it more inventive, brighter, and a global leader in project development.


What is the purpose of the NEOM Project?

NEOM City Project aims to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy from oil dependency by creating a futuristic metropolis focused on innovation, sustainability, and quality of life.

What is the benefit of NEOM?

NEOM aims to reduce carbon emissions by running solely on renewable energy, concentrating on solar and wind power. Pushing the limits of innovation, the megaproject intends to integrate smart city technologies into every facet of daily life, from transportation to daily living.

What is Xaynor in NEOM?

Xaynor, Beachfront Private Members Club, is a planned entertainment and leisure district within NEOM that offers various recreational activities, entertainment venues, and amenities for residents and visitors.

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