SOULS Best Team – Strongest Characters of February 2024

Unsure how to save the world in SOULS? We have created the SOULS Best Team guide for you! Join us as we venture into the shadows to give you all the tips and tricks to restore peace to the world. In this guide, we will outline key strengths of some Heroes we recommend and shed light on why you should partner with them!

SOULS is an immersive roleplay mobile game with an exquisite art style. Embark on your adventure where you begin on a broken continent consumed by darkness. Become invested in the gameplay as you meet heroes with unique traits and personalities. Using the various heroes to strategise your gameplay, you can take down enemies, uncover prizes and save the world!

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SOULS Best Team

Don’t worry, this hero is here to guide you!

Early Game Team

In the early game, you can deploy up to 5 Heroes to battle for you. You likely aren’t spoilt for choice at this stage whilst you’re still recruiting through summons, so to make it easy we are keeping this list limited to Heroes that rank Rare and Normal. (Since it’s more likely you will encounter these Heroes!).

  • Crut [Rare, Tanker, Strength]
  • Luke [Rare, Dealer, Agility]
  • Declas [Rare, Supporter, Agility]
  • Aron [Rare, Tanker, Strength]
  • Dudu [Rare, Healer, Intelligence]

Elite Team!

Once you’ve got the hang of things the battles in SOULS quickly become difficult! At this point, you should hopefully be able to have 8 Heroes on the battlefield. By now you hopefully understand how the strategy works in the game too, where Heroes assigned a certain position can impact your overall battle ability. Here are the 8 we think you should consider taking you to victory!

  • Kaion [Epic, Dealer, Strength]
  • Babu [Epic, Tanker, Strength]
  • Lilith [Epic, Dealer, Agility]
  • Zenon [Epic, Supporter, Strength]
  • Bahzam [Epic, Dealer, Agility]
  • Zagrako [Epic, Tanker, Strength]
  • Solina [Epic, Healer, Intelligence]
  • Nuel [Epic, Supporter, Agility]

When Do We Update Our Teams?

We will update our teams as the game expands with new characters or updates that shift the power balance of Heroes within the game! This best teams list was handcrafted and last updated on February 13th, 2024.

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