Pizza Tower Bosses Guide – All Bosses And How To Fight Them

Want to know a bit more about the top-tier bad guys of Pizza Tower? Well, you’re in the right place. Our Pizza Tower bosses guide outlines the biggest and baddest dudes in the Pizza Tower ecosystem and give you an idea of how to deal with them.

Pizza Tower is a 2D platformer inspired by the beloved Wario Land series. It puts you in the shoes of Peppino Spaghetti, who is trying to save his beloved restaurant. The only way to do so is by toppling the devious Pizza Tower.

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Pizza Tower Bosses Guide

Here we’ll outline each of the bosses. We’ll try and keep this updated as things change!


The first boss in Pizza Tower, Pepperman thinks of himself as a bit of an artist and he’s going to make this your problem.

You’ll need to strike him while avoiding both his charges and falling statues. When marble blocks pop up, start chipping away at them! Pepperman can’t resist stopping to look at art of himself, so making a statue from the blocks is a great way to catch him unawares.

The Vigilante

This cowboy hat-wearing blob on mozzarella is the second boss you’ll need to fight to climb the Pizza Tower.

This boss battle is a gunfight where you will need to fire at your opponent and avoid being hit. He’s not fighting super fair though, so watch out for explosive too.

Don’t get caught out by the ghost of John E Cheese, who will float down from the top of the screen to harass you from time to time. A shot in his direction should exorcise him for a little while.

At the end of the fight, you will have to face off in a duel. Draw before The Vigilante does and the fight will be over.

The Noise

The Noise is the third boss and longtime thorn in Peppino’s side.

The Noise runs on cartoon physics and has all kinds of infuriating comedy props to call on. He will bounce and run around the arena without much opportunity to hit. The key is taking advantage of short spaces of time where the little gremlin is vulnerable. You’ll be able to recognize these because The Noise will start flashing.

Keep on looking for the weak and you’ll have that annoyance out of the way in no time.

Fake Peppino

The fourth boss is very similar to Pizza Tower’s protagonist, but something’s not quite right about him.

Very quickly your clone will start splitting into multiple copies, but they’re not very stable. Wait for all the duplicates to dissolve until one is left to hit.

Eventually, you’ll push it too far and the Fake Peppino will take some monstrous form that forces you to run for your life. Sprint for the goal and don’t let it catch you, once you reach the end of the tunnel, you’ll emerge victorious!


Pizzaface is the apparent final boss of Pizza Tower, though you will most likely have met him before then. This malevolent dough face pursues you relentlessly on each level after you’ve shattered that stage’s pillar.

Eventually, you’ll get the chance to get some much-deserved vengeance on the cheesy antagonist at the very top of the tower.

Pizzaface will fly around and spit out enemies at you. You’ll need to toss the enemies up at Pizzaface to knock him out of the sky, then you’ll have to attack him while he’s on the ground. Keep that up and the boss is toast, but the true final boss will hop out of the wreckage.


Pizzahead is the true mastermind behind everything, and it’s no easy task to being him down. A grate with a gun will drop just as the fight starts, so grab it and start shooting while avoiding all of the attacks and projectiles.

Eventually, Pizzahead will start throwing previous bosses at you. Fortunately, they’re a bit simpler than before, keep pummelling them, or throwing Gustavo at them until Pizzahead reappears, and then it will be time to give him the same treatment.

The concludes our Pizza Tower bosses guide. Want to find out more about Pizza Tower? Check out the Steam page.

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